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One of the major problems regarding the climate of UAE is the often dust storms that affect the air quality considerably. Furthermore, the dust accumulates on all surfaces and underneath them, lowering the indoor air quality as a result. This can be a real problem for people with respiratory problems and a real challenge for their health.

Hence, if you want a healthy personal or working place and you want to improve your indoor air quality, then all you need to do is use our comprehensive a/c cleaning services.

Our A/C Cleaning Methods

A/c cleaning methods we employ are thorough, effective and safe for all members of the household. To restore your a/c’s performance and secure a healthy way of cooling / heating / ventilation, first thing we do is cleaning of filters, vents and water tray with the water pressure machine. Then it’s time for general maintenance checks & drain pipe flushing. We recommend these processes to be applied regularly for an effective a/c cleaning and maintenance.

There’s more to our service than just regular a/c cleaning; our a/c deep cleaning includes thorough cleaning of the air tubes and all parts in the duct using specialized equipment such as vacuum and blowers and complete cleaning of interior parts and coil using water pressure machine and aluminum cleaning chemicals.

Make the most of our amazing services and not only gain a perfectly clean a/c but also save money as we have been proven to offer the best possible prices. So, download our app and let our professional experts “do their magic” and why not, offer you useful tips

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